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Inspections and mapping services for cell towers, wind farms, and power lines. Our sUAS are equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities and can navigate very close to structures, which allows us to capture minute details. With the option for close proximity captures, we can take high-resolution geo-tagged images or video that clearly show cracks, damage, misplaced wires and other defects at elevations and angles that are either difficult or impossible for physical access and at a fraction of the time. This allows for collection of more comprehensive data without exposing the inspection team to the associated risks and liability.


Please contact us to discuss your project timelines, complexities and your needs so we can provide you with an accurate quote and turn around on deliverables.


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  • 4k Ultra HD Video
  • 24 Megapixel Still photos
  • Live Video Capabilities
  • Geotagged photos
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Remote inspections
  • Post flight records

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